Carpal Tunnel Exercises

Carpal tunnel exercises are among the best ways to prevent or reduce the signs and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also help to restore body functions specifically in your arm and hand muscles. It also promotes muscle relaxation and promotes blood circulation. Aside from the fact that you can do it by your own, it is also convenient because it will not complicate your working schedule.

To prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome from getting worse, vital measures must be taken. Surgical treatment should not be the immediate remedy, as it is not really a serious, significant condition. Even so, that should not be grounds for it to be overlooked. Remember that this is a really essential part of your body, so it should be treated with the utmost care. Click here to learn more about treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Retaining your wrists strong and flexible may alleviate strain on the carpal tunnel. It is through stretching your wrists typically throughout the day that can help prevent injury. Carrying out carpal tunnel exercises lessens the level of pressure on the median nerve in the carpal tunnel and prevents injury. Listed below are some exercises that you can do in the conveniences of your own office chair. These should be done by individuals who perform extensive jobs. Carpal tunnel exercises should be performed at the outset of each day and during a break carried out 3 to 5 times a week.

Here are some carpal tunnel exercises that you can try out

Carpal Tunnel Exercises : Stretching and ROM

Stretching for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Stretching can aid in the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. By doing this, tired muscles will be relaxed. Stretching is easy to do but there are some people who do it incorrectly. Stretching muscles doesn’t mean that you will do it rigidly; it should be gradual so that you will feel more comfortable. In doing stretching exercises, first extend your arm slowly until comfort takes place. Then with one hand, gently extend the fingers of the other hand as far back as tolerated. The feeling of stretched muscles should be felt from the palm of your hand and your wrist. Do this stretch for three to five seconds and then release. Do it again to the other side of your arm. Complete this exercise at least five times with each hand along with the range of motion exercises. It is important to follow the time allotted for stretching exercise to prevent muscle fatigue. This stretching exercise may help relieve pain and tension to the muscles of your hand caused cause by repetitive hand movements.

Improving Circulation using ROM

Another beneficial carpal tunnel exercise is the range of motion exercises (ROM). The most important purpose of this exercise is to promote circulation to the affected area. Range of motion exercises will be done after the stretching exercise. The first range of motion exercise that you will perform is the hyperextension-extension-flexion of your palms. To do this, extend your hands with your palms facing the center. With your fingers apart, move your palms upward for hyperextension, center for extension, and down for flexion. You can do this five time in 5 seconds, it promotes muscle relaxation. Also make sure to do the same with the other side of your hand.

The second ROM is the opposition. Still in extending position, use the thumb of the same hand to individually touch the other fingers. Do it for 3-5 seconds for 5 times. This will still promote muscle relaxation and proper circulation. Do this on the other side of your hand. The last ROM is clenching of your fist. To do this, you must clench your fist tightly to 3-5 seconds, then release with your fingers straightened up. Do this 5 times and repeat it to the other hand.

Carpal Tunnel Exercises for the Wrist

The following listed below are some of the best wrist carpal tunnel syndrome exercises you can do that can help alleviate or stop the symptoms

Limbering Up

Kneading the interior and exterior of hand with thumb and fingers. Hold the fingers and carefully bend back wrist. Hold for five seconds. Softly pull thumb down and back till you sense the stretch. Hold for five seconds. Grip fist tightly, then relieve to fan out fingers. Repeat five times.

Wrist Rotation

Stand or sit with your elbows close up to your waist, your lower arms stretched in front of you and aligned to the floor along with your palms facing down. Make a punch with both hands and make circles with your puch in one direction. Do 10 repetitions and then reverse the direction. Then, open your hands, expand your fingers and practice the whole sequence.

Wrist Curl

Stand or sit with your elbows close up to your waist, your lower arms extended in front of you and aligned to the floor together with your palms facing down. Grasp a one-pound dumbbell in each hand and gradually bend your wrists down, retaining for five seconds. Do 10 repetitions. If you do not have weight, you can work with a 16 oz soft- drink bottle or a can of meal.

Sideways Wrist Bend

Stand or sit with your elbows near to your waist, your forearms stretched in front of you and parallel to the floor along with your palms facing down. Get a one-pound weight in each hand. Retaining your lower arms still, slowly bend your wrists from side to side, transferring the weights toward subsequently away from one another in a windshield wiper-like movement. Do 10 sets.

Wrist Twist

Stand or sit with your elbows near to your waist, your lower arms stretched in front of you and aligned to the floor along with your palms down. Grasp a one-pound dumbbell in each hand and gradually turn your wrists and lower arms until your palms are facing up then turn them down once more. Do 10 sets.

This particular series of carpal tunnel exercises are very much advisable by orthopaedic doctors simply because it is in its absolute natural form. It doesn’t have any side- effects by any means. So give your way up with carpal tunnel exercises.