Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

After carpal tunnel surgery, you will be put in a recovery room. In this room, you will be with other post-operative patients, and healthcare suppliers will be ready to aid you with any problems or fears.

How long after surgery are patients released?

You will stay here until your health care provider feels that you have recovered enough to go home. This is usually within one to three hours. When you leave the hospital, you will be told specific wound-care and discharge directions for driving, activity level, medication, and any further restrictions required. Your healthcare suppliers will also advise you of any symptoms that need immediate medical aid.

You will be told to keep your hand elevated above your heart for the first few days after surgery to confine swelling. Lying your hand up on pillows while in bed, or keeping it in a splint, will assist with this. Moving your fingers after the procedure will also assist with your recuperation.

What medication is given for carpal tunnel release surgery?

Because wrist pain is typical after carpal tunnel operation, you will be given pain medication. The pain is acute during the first few days but should lessen quickly in one to three weeks. This pain usually responds well to pain medication.

Follow Up Appointments

The first follow-up visit with your physician will be roughly two weeks after your carpal tunnel release procedure. During this time the stitches will be withdrawn and you will receive a different splint. This splint may be utilized for the first one to three weeks of your recuperation.