Most Common Symptoms

Listed below are 10 symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to be aware of

  1. Waking up with “sleeping” hands. Early symptoms often occur at night in one or both hands due to sleeping positions.
  2. Need to “shake out” your hands or wrist, especially first thing in the morning.
  3. Sensation of swollen or clumsy fingers, even though there is no obvious or very little swelling seen.
  4. Decreased grip strength. May be difficult to make a fist, pick up small objects or do other fine motor tasks.
  5. Pins and Needles. The feeling of tingling in your hand and/or fingers during the day.
  6. Hot and Cold. Sensation may be decreased so that you are unable to differentiate between hot and cold by touch.
  7. Pain in the arm and shoulder with hand swelling which increases at night.
  8. An occasional aching in the forearm between the wrist and elbow.
  9. Worsening numbness or pain while using your hand or wrist, especially when gripping with your hand or flexing your wrist.
  10. Persistent wrist pain with accompanying pain in the palm side of the hand, usually excluding the little finger as it is on a different nerve track.

Any of these symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that occur consistently are a warning that you may be developing a problem and its time to look into carpal tunnel treatment options.