Pregnancy & Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal tunnel symptoms during pregnancy are often felt at night that usually results in frequent sleep interruptions. This could be very distressing to an expectant mother and the growing fetus, lack of sleep might put them both at risk. It is important to immediately treat the symptoms of CTS before it inflicts further health hazards. One of the the best pregnancy carpal tunnel treatment is immobilization.

Activity Restriction and Wrist Splinting

Activity restriction and wrist splinting might be the best treatment option for pregnant women. Wrist splinting is done by placing a splint on the affected hand and wrist for total immobilization. Resting the affected wrist and hand reduces the inflammation around the tissue. The splint will stop unnecessary movements of the hand to avoid adding more tension to the median nerve. Splinting may be required for 2-4 weeks and is recommended to be used especially during the night. You will be required to stay away from any forms of activities which can exasperate your condition.

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