Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Exercise

There are a few simple exercises that can be done while sitting at your desk or standing in your office to help prevent the discomfort of carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Stand against a wall and place your hand flat against it.

Turn your head in the opposite direction to bring your shoulder blade inward. This helps stretch the wrist and the forearm.

Place your hands together before you as if you were praying and stretch the heels of your hands downward until they are even with your wrists. Then move your arms left and then right while maintaining this position. This helps work the muscles of the forearms.

With your forearms supported by your desk, fist your hands and roll your wrists to the left and then to the right without moving your forearms. Then repeat the motion after raising your arms off the desk. Do this a few time before placing your fingertips at the edge of your desk.

Push your hands down along the edge of the desk. These exercises help stretch out the wrists.

Last but not least, shake out your arms and roll your shoulders, saying goodbye to any residual stress. If any of these exercises causes pain, you may want to consider contacting your physician.

Always remember to do a deep breathing exercise with each exercise, drink plenty of water, and occasionally give your eyes a break. By following some of the simple exercises, you may be able to avoid the pain and high dollar cost of living and suffering with carpal-tunnel syndrome. Stress will exacerbate any symptoms so it is important to learn how to relieve stress.

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