The Two Types of Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

In general, doctors usually consider two different surgical procedures to cure this disease.

Option One: Open Surgery

This type of surgery is performed at the base of the patient’s palm. The base is cut so that a doctor can see all tendons and ligaments in the affected wrist. After the cut is done, the next task is to release the pressure caused by this band on the nerve. Doctors divide this ligament into two parts to release the pressure. This operation is mild and, in general, a patient is discharged the day of the operation.

Option Two: Endoscopic Surgery

This is not very different from the previous method. In this particular type of carpal tunnel surgery, the doctor makes a much smaller incision than an open surgery. The next task is to guide a tiny camera through this cut. This camera enables the doctor to see the

ligament and tendons clearly. The prime benefit of this procedure is that a patient can recover faster than an open surgery.