When to Consider Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

There are two main reasons that surgery may be considered when it comes to this condition. The first, and often the most common, is to ensure that you experience relief from the symptoms that you experience. The second is to prevent damage to the body that is considered to be irreversible.

The surgery is conducted on a patient when the pain of this particular ailment is unbearable. The carpal tunnel in an individual is a fine passage that runs through the middle of a wrist. The median nerve is located in this tunnel and is responsible for most of the emotions in the human hand. The movement of our fingers is strongly determined by this nerve. The carpal ligament around the tunnel is inflamed during this disease and causes compression on the median nerve. In general, there are two different surgical procedures to help relieve carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

Anyone with CTS symptoms severe enough to leave them with extremely limited use of their hands and fingers, such as a complete loss of thumb strength, is a good candidate for surgery. Sufferers who have nerve damage should definitely look into this treatment, as should anyone with a tumor or growth adding complications to the problem. It may also be the right choice for those who have been suffering for a long period of time, perhaps for months, using unsuccessful non-surgical forms of treatment. If you are unsure, an orthopedic specialist will be able to examine your symptoms and perform nerve tests to help you decide what course of action is right for you.